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4 - A question for you

Do you hide from your shadow in the light of the noon day sun? For where can your shadow roam if you stare in to the sun? Does it not reflect from your eyes on to the world, invisible to see, but in to the dark eyes of your enemies?

Do you walk in fear of the night for that which you cannot see? Does that which you do not understand fill your head with dread and your feet fire? How can you love something you do not wish to see? Is that shadow not you? How can you find your fears while you blind yourself with light to keep away the night? Were we not made to live by its rise, and rest at its set? What have we become now that the false lights distort the day and hide the night?

Or do you venture in to the forest of the night to confront the fears you cannot see? How do you know the difference between a real threat, and the one you perceive in the false light of your simulated day?

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