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Copytac isnt just a business, but an idea about how all things fit together, and how we can translate the physical to the virtual, and bring understanding to the relationships of the data within. 

COPYTAC is a consultancy focused on our clients, helping them transform their business by uncovering hidden, or otherwise unused data, to compete in the ever changing landscape of the digital age.

We believe that creating healthy, functioning digital environments are essential to developing, building, and maintaining real life ones.


While the company is still in its infancy, we currently specialize in data and information modeling for the building industry, with some exciting new ventures underway in machine learning and behavior analysis within social networks. 

Our work in the AEC industry is some of the most forward thinking within the market. Our services include Building Data Analytics, strategic technology implementation, content management and creation, and BIM implementation and standards management.


Mad Scientist & Owner

Owner/creator/developer: Im passionate about making things that work, and that transform the life of everyone, every day, for the better. 

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